Tree Hugger products.
Long-lasting biodegradable tree shelters made from loomstate organic cotton and FSC pine rosin, plus a choice of ties.

Giving nature a helping hand

Made from simple, natural materials, our tree shelter creates conditions that trees love, while protecting the tender whip from browsing animals.

While a Tree Hugger is strong enough to stand guard in all seasons, in 5 years it starts to return to the earth, leaving only its legacy behind. Fewer failed saplings. No microplastics. An abundant canopy. Carbon sequestration. Healthier soil. Cleaner air. Uncluttered waterways.

  • Tree Hugger is designed to help eliminate plastic from the environment and reduce the CO2 generated through manufacturing and transportation. Made from natural materials and low impact processes, it tackles long term barriers to sustainability across the supply chain.
  • Your Tree Hugger is designed to provide protection for 5 years and will need securing in a closed position around the sapling. We provide two ways to do this - one is using a metal tie; the other is a robust, quick, and easy reusable zip tie for our contract planters where speed is of the essence.
“Here in Upper Wharfedale last winter, we planted 1,000 trees using Tree Hugger. Despite being planted late in the season, and the long dry summer, the trees have survived well and some are already popping their heads out into the sunlight!”
Peter Katic
National Trust Ranger at Malham North Yorkshire
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Tree Hugger is exclusively distributed by our trusted partner, Amenity Choice.
The Tree Hugger Story
We’ve solved the gnarly complexities around the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of tree planting with the simplest of ideas. It’s hard to believe no-one thought of it before!
Our commitment to sustainability
From solar panels to setting up a net zero working group, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Tree Hugger itself is biodegradable and sustainable.