Woven for
a better future
Tree Hugger
Long-lasting tree shelters that protect your whips, help them grow,
and return to the earth when their job is done.
Embrace true sustainability
Made from simple, natural materials, our tree shelters create the perfect conditions that trees love, while protecting the tender whip from browsing animals.
Biodegradable and ethically-sourced, Tree Hugger is a breakthrough product with the power to change how we embrace net zero.

Deep roots and offshoots
TreeHugger is the brainchild of a well-established family business that’s taken root around the world.
Engineering and fabrication are in our DNA - and, as we’re on DNA, you’re absolutely right - this is for the kids, for generations to come.
The Tree Hugger Story
We’ve solved the gnarly complexities around the sustainability of tree planting with the simplest of ideas - a viable alternative to plastic tree shelters.
It’s hard to believe that no-one thought of it before!

Buy Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger tree shelter is exclusively distributed by our trusted partner, Amenity Choice.