Sustainability at Tree Hugger.
A sustainable tree shelter from a company that’s committed to its net zero policy -
and to helping others meet theirs.

Embracing sustainability

We designed Tree Hugger with the aim of helping to eliminate plastic from the environment and reduce the CO2 generated through manufacturing and transportation. Made from natural materials and low impact processes, this tree shelter tackles long term barriers to sustainability across the supply chain – and on the ground. But this isn’t much good if we conduct business in a non-sustainable way.

Our approach

The more we learned about climate breakdown during Tree Hugger’s R&D, the more emotionally invested we became in the idea of net zero. We’ve got kids. We’ve read the research. We know what they’re facing if we don’t act. We’re fortunate that we’re also in a position to help other organisations act too and, as a small enterprise with a big family, we can be an example.

Net zero working group

We’re actively tackling our own sustainability and carbon footprint. We’ve formed a net zero working group to monitor, advise and plan how our business evolves.

Clean motoring

All our directors have electric vehicles and we’re beginning to see this change across the workforce as a whole. We’ve installed 14 EV chargers at our head office in Lancashire, UK, to help facilitate the move to electric vehicles.

High environmental standards

We have ISO 14001:2015, the standard for Environmental Management Systems. This helps us achieve the highest standards in our responsibilities to the environment by providing an effective framework, including for measuring and improving environmental impact.


We’re in the process of installing solar panels at our Lancashire headquarters to cut dependency on fossil fuels. They’ll pay for themselves in 10 years – a long-term investment in reducing our carbon footprint.

Innovating further

It’s a brilliant product that we’ll keep testing and evolving, for sure. Also, Tree Hugger is a prototype in the sense that it’s inspired us to seek other uses for this unique composite technology, for other sectors that need sustainable solutions.

Net zero working group

We recognise that the Tree Hugger supply chain – in carbon miles – is an issue. Our cotton is from Asia; our pine rosin is from Sweden; Tree Hugger is manufactured in the UK for a global market. We’re committed to evolving this over time to reduce the carbon footprint, a benefit that can be passed on to our customers. It’s already very light and, unlike preformed natural tree guards, can be flattened for more economical and less impactful transportation.

Tree Hugger materials
Tree Hugger is manufactured from a composite of organic loomstate cotton substrate coated with ethically-sourced pine rosin.
It’s biodegradable and sustainable.
Buy Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger tree shelter is exclusively distributed by our trusted partner, Amenity Choice.
“It was great to try something which is made of biodegradable materials, particularly as they are in a prominent location and people can see for themselves our commitment to sustainability.”
Peter Katic
National Trust Ranger, Malham North Yorkshire