About Us
From woven laundry textiles in the 19th century, to woven cotton tree shelters in the 21st.

Haven’t we met before?

BMP Europe is an established engineering company, the inventor and manufacturer of the Tree Hugger. We’ve been around since 1984, though our parent company Andrew Industries Ltd (AIL) has been in the cotton industry since Queen Victoria was on the throne.

We also work with industrial materials and engineering in sectors like print, textiles (including engineered textiles), and automotive. For more than a century, we’ve been partners with some of the world’s biggest brands. So, all said and done, we might indeed have met before – or at least moved in the same circles.

From the cotton towns of the UK

AIL and BMP in the 21st century are synonymous with global, industry-leading technologies. The threads of our story lead back to the 19th century, to a laundry textiles shop in Bury, Lancashire, which was opened by Mr Edward Worsley Andrew in 1894.

It’s impossible to know how he imagined his business would grow. In 2022, with his great great grandson as Chairman, AIL is a multi-million GBP business with headquarters in Malaysia, China, Germany and the US, as well as in the UK.

Our vision: some heroes wear organic cotton tubes

Experience. Passion. Fascination with innovation. Our heritage created the perfect environment for an idea like Tree Hugger to weave itself into being. What emerged is a perfect solution for some serious challenges of our time – net zero, plastic pollution, carbon sequestration.

The trees are the heroes. Tree Hugger won’t single-handedly save the world – just as tree planting won’t help us reach net zero if it’s done in isolation. Think of Tree Hugger as a single thread in a planet-wide network, supporting healing and a sustainable future for our children and yours and the generations to come. If Tree Hugger means anything, it means this.

Our commitment to sustainability

From solar panels to setting up a net zero working group, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Tree Hugger itself is 100% biodegradable and 100% sustainable.
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Tree Hugger is exclusively distributed by our trusted partner, Amenity Choice.
“At Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, we are trialling alternative tree shelters as part of our Plastic Free Woodlands project, which aims to reduce the number of plastic tree shelters being left to degrade in the countryside. One of these alternatives is BMP’s Tree Hugger, which we are trialling at a number of sites. It has been very easy to install and looks natural in the landscape.”
Mike Appleton
Free Woodlands Project Officer, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust