Tree Hugger ties.

We offer a choice of ties for using with the Tree Hugger, because everyone has different requirements.

Securing your tree shelter

Your Tree Hugger is designed to remain in place for an estimated 5 years and will need securing in a closed position around the sapling. We provide two ways to do this – one is using a metal tie; the other is a reusable plastic zip tie.

Metal ties

100% biodegradable, these Tree Hugger ties are durable will secure your tree shelter for its lifetime, yet will break down completely in around 10 years, depending on conditions. These ties are made from steel and are single use.

Reusable plastic zip ties

This is a strong plastic zip tie that can be reused and later collected. While it’s made from plastic, it has a small release level that allows you to remove the Tree Hugger to inspect the sapling, and replace it afterwards.

Tree Hugger tree shelters
Tree Hugger is manufactured from a composite of organic loomstate cotton substrate coated with ethically-sourced pine rosin. It’s a breakthrough product with the power to change how we embrace net zero - the most sustainable alternative to plastic tree guards.
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Tree Hugger tree shelter is exclusively distributed by our trusted partner, Amenity Choice.
"Here in Upper Wharfedale last winter, we planted 1,000 trees using Tree Huggers. It was great to try something which is made of biodegradable materials, particularly as they are in a prominent location and people can see for themselves our commitment to sustainability. Despite being planted late in the season, and the long dry summer, the trees have survived well and some are already popping their heads out into the sunlight!”
Peter Katic
National Trust Ranger, Malham North Yorkshire